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Operations Manager

5 to 7 Years | Pune

  • Must lead the organization and provide development in short term and long term operations performed.
  • Must interact with the directors and maintain operations by directing all activities which are performed daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Responsible for the development of workforce. Create a strong workforce by developing competent individuals in the operations team.
  • Review performance of the team members and responsible for conducting training or development opportunities for them.
  • Support disbursement plans by delivering inbound and outbound activities.
  • Ensure effective planning and execution of operations and has to reduce DPDs and achieve milestones and requirements of the organization.
  • Monitor daily operations to ensure a free flow process, and also supervise the execution of daily tasks.
  • Develop and enforce sound policies and structures for the growth of the company.
  • Oversee the processing of centralized loans and other related activities to ensure due process, accuracy and accountability are followed.
  • Create and implement long term business plan to ensure continuity of business operations in the long run.
  • Ensure client data is protected from the public and secured against fraud by enforcing access rights and verification levels.
  • Develop financial back up plans to protect business operations in the event of major crises that could result in huge losses.
  • Collaborate with heads of other units to develop best practices for successful operations
  • Delegate tasks to members of the operations team.
  • If this opportuniy suits your qualification then please forward your updated CV on the email id

Sales Head

5 to 7 Years | Pune

  • Having Experience of 5 to 7 years
  • Develop and implement effective sales strategies and expansion of branches
  • Lead sales team members to achieve sales targets
  • Establish productive and professional relationships with key personnel in assigned customer accounts
  • Negotiate and close agreements with customers if needed
  • Monitor and analyse performance metrics and suggest improvements
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual sales forecasts
  • Perform research and identify new potential customers and new market opportunities
  • Provide timely and effective solutions aligned with clients’ needs
  • Liaise with Marketing and Product Development departments to ensure brand consistency
  • Stay up-to-date with new product launches and ensure sales team members are on board.
  • Motivate and develop employees to achieve targeted profitability and fee income
  • To undertake new client acquisition, retention and growth plan for existing valuable customers and location base
  • To build strong DSA network
  • To stay abreast of the client requirements and monitor close relationship
  • To ensure effective and proper client servicing, resolving queries and complaints
  • To ensure policy adherence and documentation
  • To be aware of all critical policies, procedures and ensure compliances
  • To formulate periodic MIS
  • To formulate risk and review policy to zero down NPAs
  • If this opportuniy suits your qualification then please forward your updated CV on the email id